Outreach Ministries

Sunday Morning Training Tracks

9:00 - Noon  Love & Logic Parenting
Wayne Wentland, Oregon Conference Superintendent of Education

Enjoy parenting again! Wayne has studied the striking correlation between the Love and Logic approach and Ellen White's counsel. Use this well-known and respected curriculum in your own parenting and/or as an outreach to the parents in your community. Free

9:00 - 11:00 am The Spiritual 5-Day Plan to Stop Smoking
Chuck Burkeen, Oregon Conference Member Ministry Director
Come and learn a way to help people quit smoking using a proven spiritual method.  Anyone can do this -- no medical training necessary!  This method is effective for any size group, from a 1 to 1 setting to large community groups. Bring your Bible, and be ready to dig into the promises of God's Word.

9:00 on... Creative and Effective Church Public Relations and Communications
Gary McLain, Oregon Conference Communication Director

We will be discussing different ways to communicate to your local church, conference, and community. Such as: News & Information, Photography, Photo Permissions, Web, Social Networking, Multimedia, Media Relations, and Public Relations.

9:00 - Noon   Coming Out Ministries / Know His Love
Wayne Blakely, Director of Know His Love Ministry

All things are possible. 
Society is having an ever-increasing effect on how Christians believe today.  Silence on the topic of homosexuality, for many, has allowed the pendulum to swing the other direction.  By breaking the silence, I will attempt to share what has seemed like secrets.  What does God ask of those wo are same-sex attracted?  What role do pastors. teachers and believers have in reflecting both God's love and His truth?  We can't share what we don't have, so how do we get "it"?  Come immerse yourself in this crucial message.  Learn how God redeems, heals and orchestrates reformation.

9:00 - Noon   Women's Ministries 101: Leadership Training Intensive (and breakfast!)
Tawny Sportsman, Jackie Johnson, and Cheri Corder, Oregon Conference Women's Ministry Team

How to Plan a Retreat: Jackie Johnson

Nuts & Bolts of Women's Ministries: Cheri Corder

Women's Ministries 101: Tawny Sportsman

Cost: $10 per team -- Yes, per Women's Ministry TEAM.... You might as well bring the whole committee! For more information, or to RSVP, contact Tawny Sportsman at 541.401.2521.

9:00 - Noon   Disaster Response Training
Sam Pellecer, Oregon Conference ACS-DR Coordinator and Team

First Hour: Disaster Preparedness. People know that more major disasters are coming and want to get ready. Helping them be prepared is a great outreach opportunity.

Second Hour: Mapping Your Church, Mapping Your Neighborhood. How to know ahead of the disaster the resources and needs in your church or neighborhood, then how to best match them up during a disaster.

Third Hour: Chainsaw Ministries. This is an official part of Adventist Community Services. Learn how your church can help safely clear debris during a fire or storm. $5 for certification.