Outreach Ministries

Just 25 minutes each

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3:30 -- 6:30pm

Vegetarian Tasting Affair:  Norm Allred from Shady Point Church

Reach into your community with a low-keyed, elegant approach through "A Vegetarian Tasting Affair." This method is guaranteed to build positive relationships with our non-Seventh-day Adventist friends.

Financial Peace University: Medford Church

In this economy, people in your community are searching for answers to their financial difficulties. They will come to your church to hear Dave Ramsey's solutions.

Love & Respect: Medford Church

He doesn't make her feel loved, so she shows less respect, so he shows less love...STOP THE CRAZY CYCLE! This powerful marriage curriculum, based on Ephesians 5:33, is a favorite for ministering to marriages.

Smoothie Ministry (Healthy Living Ministries): Iris Eastwood from Central Point Church

Healthy Living Ministries demonstrates a vegetarian health message through great taste! Smoothies are the tool to entice people to want to know more.

Adventist Motorcycle Ministries: Jackie Johnson and Laurie Olson from McMinnville Church

Come learn how we share the Three Angels Messages and the love of Jesus in a unique way, in hard to reach places, by building friendships as we share common interests.

Share The Hope; Share Your Story: Cheri Corder, Oregon Conference

There are many different ways to share your story. No matter which one you choose, this seminar will help you make it the beautiful blessing you want it to be.

Coming Out Ministries / Know His Love: Wayne Blakely, Know His Love Ministry Director

Affirmation or reformation?  Is it possible to be born gay?  We can't reason and intellectualize our way into the kingdom. And we don't get in jut by being right the majority of the time.  God calls us to live and love according to His Word continuously. Come and hear how "all things are possible" through our Master and Creator.

International Children's Care: Joel Reyes

Looking for a project to involve your church, your small group, your Sabbath School class, or your whole family? Come and learn the many ways you can get involved and make a difference in the life of an orphaned child.


Schedule High School Room 1 High School Room 2 High School Room 3 Music Room
3:30-4:00 Men's Ministry International Children's Care    
4:00-4:30     Veggie Tasting Share Your Story
4:30-5:00 Financial Peace Adventist Motorcycle    
5:00-5:30     Smoothies Orchestra
5:30-6:00 Love and Respect Community Kitchen    
6:00-6:30     Ladies Prayer Group Coming Out Ministry





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